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Contract and Construct is a dynamic and interactive computer-based simulation for experiential learning of some of the fundamental principles of project management. It provides an excellent stimulus for student interaction, discussion and debate, with an engaging and light-hearted approach.
The context is the construction of a chemical plant with a simulated timescale of 450 days and budget of £7m.
There is a particular focus on contractor management for the different activities.

The simulation/game teaches generic principles of project management, with specific but non-technical content, and includes realistic insights from construction projects for realism, gained from consulting work and industry contacts.
It is suitable for informal ice breaking and team building roles as well as for supporting formal teaching. It is best run in groups of 1-3 players.
The computer releases the participant from detailed calculations, manages the process and content and gives feedback.

See the menu to the left for full details, operating instructions, and to experience the simulation.

News / updates

Jan 06 New version of Contract and Construct is released.
It is more user-friendly, including illustrated events and automatically updated status windows.
The user can save simulation status locally or on the server.