If you find exercise a dull and boring drudge and it’s taking more and more effort just to be bothered to start your daily workout, then you could be on the verge of quitting exercise altogether. No one likes doing something boring, no matter how good for you it might be, so put the fun back into your workouts and you will experience again that enthusiasm for exercise that you used to have. If you don’t enjoy your workouts, then you will probably not put the necessary level of effort into it anyway, so read our ideas of how to put the fun back into keeping fit:

1. Join a fitness club or class

When it comes to fitness, going it alone is fine, but it takes a lot of motivation to keep it up and make it worthwhile. It doesn’t have to be a gym though, there are plenty of other types of exercise classes and clubs you can join, but when you exercise in a group, you get the benefit of the social side of the group and a little friendly completion to give you the motivation to succeed and make exercise fun.

2. This is exercising, not dating, so play games!

In exercising you are allowed to play games, moreover, if you want to make your workout routine fun and exciting playing games becomes quite a requirement. Whether you decide to play usual outdoor games, like volleyball, frisbee, tennis or basketball, or you play ping-pong in your local gym, playing is always fun and you lose calories at the same time too!

3. Breakup workouts into smaller, bite sized chunks

If you find yourself getting bored a half an hour into your routine, then why not stop? There is no reason why your workout should last for a pre-defined period of time, especially, if you are getting bored. You might enjoy it more and put in more effort, if you break it down into two or three shorter sessions instead.

4. Experiment and chose the exercise that you enjoy

Swap and change your exercises to keep the variety in your routine, keep things interesting. Doing the same things, over and over again, is bound to become boring, so try something new and, when you find something that you enjoy, stick with it for a while, then try something else.

5. Get out in the sun and fresh air

You don’t have to be in a gym or even in your own home to workout. Get on in the garden or go for a run in your local park, it’s much more enjoyable, than a treadmill or a sweaty gym, especially when the sun is shining! There are loads of things that you can do outdoors to get fit: running, walking, cycling, even the exercises that you would normally do indoors are more fun outside.

6. Let’s get loud!

Get yourself in the mood with some music and play your music loud when you exercise! Silence is for meditation and sleeping, workouts are supposed to be fun and energetic, so doing them in silence is counter intuitive. So, get your favorite playlist ready!

7. Enjoy the water music or water video

Now swimming can be less boring, after finally a waterproof gadgetry have been created. ‘Oh, hi, I’m in the swimming pool now…’ If you and your IPhone are inseparable, then now the technology have made it possible for both of you to go for a swim together, and you can get a special water-resistant headphones too that will comfortably sit in your ears, while you enjoy your swimming. And yes, just in case you want to film a video while in the water (if you are surfing, for example), HD digital video cameras are also available now! Isn’t it cool?!

8. Find a workout partner

Ask around your friends and you’ll probably find someone who is also getting bored with their workouts. Exercising with a companion makes things a lot more fun and gives you more of a challenge too. You can both set targets and work together to achieve them, that way, when one of you begins to lose their enthusiasm the other can give some encouragement.

9. Move your body everybody!

What can be more fun than dancing? Many health clubs offer amazing dance classes that are especially designed to involve your whole body into exercising. Not only dancing workout will get you fitter, it will also energize you with a lot of fun and will put a big smile on your face. One of my favorites is Zumba!

10. Set your targets, track your progress and then reward yourself

The best way to keep motivated is to be able to see your progress and reward yourself, when you reach your targets. Make yourself a list of achievable targets. They should test you, but they should be sensible and realistic. Then track your progress against your targets: how many repetitions you complete, how many miles you run or how many pounds you have lost…And, when you achieve those targets, be sure to give yourself a reward. Importantly, make that reward something that you will really enjoy, a very special treat and then, it will make the getting there all the more enjoyable.

11. Get your IPad/IPhone involved

Do you know that there are plenty of different cool and useful fitness apps out there that you can also use to integrate exercising and fun? Many of these apps are even free of charge, so just google it, download and enjoy!

12. Thinner waist with hula hoop workout

Using a hula hoop is not only a lot of fun, but it’s also going to give you a serious abdominal training, so get back to those old good times when you were a kid and have some hula hoop fun!

13. Kill two birds with one stone

We don’t mean it literally, we love birds! We mean multitask. Try listening to an audio book or watching a movie while exercising, this way you get entertainment and slimmer figure in one, so you kill two birds with one stone.
14. Smile while exercising and be grateful

Not only smile will instantly get you into a brighter mood, but also, researches have shown that smiling is beneficial for health. Laughter in itself is a form of exercise. And yes, try to practice gratitude while exercising, it will instantly improve your mood and will make your workout more pleasant and fun.